Is In-State Tuition Really Possible for Me?

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Who wouldn’t rather spend $10,000 or $20,000 less per year on tuition at an out-of-state univeristy?  But is getting in-state tuition a real worthwhile pursuit for you, or is it like chasing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


$31,410 average out-of-state tuition cost at CU-Boulder per year (CU is used for example purposes)

$9,048 average in-state tuition cost at CU-Boulder per year

$22,362 annual difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition

There are about 11,000 CU-Boulder students right now paying out-of-state tuition.  Unbeknownst to most of them lurks the startling truth that many could qualify to earn in-state tuition.


How can this be?

Most people just have no idea there’s an alternative.  For those who find out in-state tuition may be a possibility: many don’t pursue any further, some learn all about it but never act, some try to make it happen but fail, some try to make it happen and succeed, some hire a professional company such as In-State Angels to make sure it happens and happens right.  Regardless of who you are, some would say you owe it to yourself to figure out—first step—does it makes sense to pursue in-state tuition given your specific circumstances?  If it does not, no harm.  If it does, make it happen one way or another!


What is entailed in getting in-state tuition?

In broad strokes, there are two important things that matter most.  1) Domicile: you need to have the present intent to become a permanent Colorado resident as demonstrated by documented behavior consistent with that stated intention.  2) Financial independence (at least some degree for most students anyway): you need to be financially supported not by your parents and you need to prove it compelling.  The burden of proof is against you.  You currently have whatever financial plans to pay the bills that you have.  Whatever your plans may be, more than likely, if you’re unwilling to change them, then it’s unlikely to expect different results.  There may be other options despite the best intentions of your current advisers.


Why is getting in-state tuition so difficult?

The process is intimidating.  There’s no doubt that it requires careful attention to detail, requires faithful adherence to strict rules, prompt follow-through, and knowing what exactly to do is in many ways a guessing game.  What is to be done with trust funds or 529s, what about plane tickets and healthcare and cell phones and summer plans?  What about fraternity/sorority fees, vacations?  What if an emergency happens, etc.?  There are many questions, the answers aren’t all readily available, and more importantly: you can’t necessarily be certain you’ve asked all the right questions.


Is it impossible to get in-state tuition on my own?

By no means; it’s not impossible.  People do it.  Please judge for yourself: Example Regulations for University of Colorado at Boulder.  You’re encouraged to learn everything you can about it and then make it happen.  If you’re the rare kind of person who has the time, energy, ability,  confidence, and follow-through to make it happen as quickly as legally possible and firmly understands both the black-and-white as well as gray area that exists such that you can make the most bullet-proof case possible…then make it happen!

For those who leave taxes to accountants, legal representation to lawyers, or car repairs to mechanics, you’re encouraged to explore working with a professional company such as In-State Angels.


Wait a minute, In-State Angels probably charges a ton of money, their founder wrote this article, he’s obviously biased…

In-State Angels is indeed a for-profit business. The amount charged is fair and designed to be in proportion to the value added. Most full-clients end up saving between $10,000 and $20,000 net per year after company’s fees.  ISA has a variety of products and services to choose from and for those who qualify to become full-clients, ISA only stands to profit if successful.  So far, 100% of full-clients who have cooperated with instructions have been granted in-state tuition.

The founder (me) feels the pain of out-of-state tuition personally still to this day having paid out-of-state at CU-Boulder for all four years.  Upon graduation in 2007, $150,000 in student debt loomed oppressively.  That’s part of the impetus for starting this business.  That’s not the situation to be wished upon college grads and one that can often be avoided.


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