In-State Angels Beliefs

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At In-State Angels, we believe that higher education should be affordable; it shouldn’t burden graduates with unconquerable debt. We believe that graduates deserve the freedom to choose their careers based on their genuine passions rather than their dire financial need. Graduates should not be forced to settle for a job just because it pays their enormous student loan debts.

We believe people should be able to attend the university of their choice in their chosen home state and that might not necessarily be same place where they grew up. We believe that college students should focus on college instead of having to worry about jumping through regulatory hoops which are constantly moving and designed with the intention of preventing them from becoming in-state residents despite their sincere intention.

We know that new in-state resident students are a well-educated economic boon to the state because they are much more likely to stay in-state post-graduation paying state taxes and spending locally. It’s comforting to know that some of that extra tax revenue eventually goes back toward subsidizing tuition for future in-state residents electing to attend college. Those who earn in-state tuition and remain in-state after graduation more than pay for the cost of their education.

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In-State Angels Vision

Out-of-state college made possible.

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In-State Angels Mission

With expert knowledge of in-state residency requirements across America, we provide resources, products, and services to freshly minted adults to help them decide where to live and go to college.