Jake Wells In-State Angels In-State Tuition Consultant

Jake Wells

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Tuition Consultant

Graduated from U of Colorado-Boulder

Double Major: Psychology and Philosophy

From Vancouver, WA

I paid out-of-state tuition whole college career Graduated with over $150,000 in student loan debt. Every year I told myself I’d get that in-state thing next year and it never happened. I knew I was throwing money away but rationalized that I’d make so much after I graduated that it wouldn’t even matter. It was like monopoly money. Now I’d like to prevent others from making my mistake.

Our phone consultation with Jake was very informative and helpful. I am the parent of a high school senior. My daughter and I now have a complete understanding of the commitment necessary if she wants to attend the out of state college of her choice. Maria L.


My daughter and I had a phone consultation with Jake. He was extremely sensitive to her feelings, very knowledgeable, and really gave us a good overview of what our options are. I would recommend this company without reservation. Thanks! Gail L.



Lead Client Manager

Tuition Consultant

Graduated from U of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Major: Journalism

From Oconto Falls, WI

Went to school in-state graduating with a total college loan debt less than what most out-of-state students pay for just one year. “I was lucky enough at the time to want to attend a college that was in-state. Since then I got to work with a world-renowned ad agency in New York City and finally found my new home in Colorado…I don’t know if I’d get to be where I am today had I paid out-of-state tuition somewhere.” She adds: “Go Packers!”

Kristy Butler In-State Angels In-State Tuition Consultant
The phone interview was very informative and efficient. Kristy was patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I know this is only the start of the process, but I’m really looking forward to working with ISA. Jamie S.


I have been seeing Jake, Kristy and Jessica for about 2 years now, and have been very impressed with the professional and comfortable atmosphere presented by all three. They make the process for instate tuition so simple! Jamie B.


Iris Devlin In-State Angels In-State Tuition Consultant


Iris Devlin

Sales & Support

Tuition Consultant

Graduated from U of Munich

Major: Physiology

From Germany

Iris is originally from Germany where she graduated from the University of Munich in 2010. Since education is structured differently in Germany, she was lucky enough to have NO student loans keeping her from exploring different countries. She took the opportunity and moved to Colorado to teach snowboarding in Winter Park, CO in 2009. Now she is married and enjoying her “new” life in Colorado. She is very excited about the opportunity to be act as a tuition consultant helping students keep their education expenses to a minimum and not hold them back from the opportunities life has to offer.



Renata Haas


Tuition Consultant

Graduated from Colorado College

Major: Environmental Design

From Wisconsin

Renata has been enjoying the sun in Colorado for more than ten years. She began working for In-State Angels when she learned that it would be possible for her to help assist students in saving money on their tuition. Some of Renata’s interests include hiking, reading, photography and enjoying a nice sushi dinner.


Renata Haas In-State Angels In-State Tuition Consultant