Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We provide resources, products, and services to help you earn in-state residency.  For full-clients, we make sure you get in-state tuition in the simplest way and fastest way legally possible and then we make sure you keep it.

How do you do it?

We first help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for in-state tuition with our solutions.  For those who go on to become a full-client, we develop a customized action plan tailored to your specific circumstances and assign you a personal In-state Angel who will be with you every step of the way constantly looking out for you.  Your In-state Angel intimately understands the process of getting in-state tuition and implements your plan with the philosophy that you should do as little as humanly possible and that we should, as much as possible, shoulder the full brunt of responsibility for your getting in-state tuition.

How much does it cost?

Please see solutions for more details.

In-State Angels works to figure out whether you’re a good candidate for in-state tuition or not.  Typical ways of accomplishing this are with a phone consultation ($60/half hour), standard report ($39), or premium report ($99). If you go on to become a full-client, then we credit you the cost of a report and up to an hour of consultation.

If you’re a great candidate for in-state then we can advise you on retainer in hourly blocks or you can become a full-client in which case we guarantee results and completely oversee the process. To become a full-client ISA charges $499 up front then we work diligently on your behalf thereafter for free until we earn you in-state status. Upon success, ISA then charges a fraction of your savings each semester you benefit from in-state tuition until you graduate (this percentage varies by college but it’s typically 10-15% of tuition savings). This way we get paid in proportion to how much we actually help you.

Learn more about becoming a full-client here.

Is it legal?
Yes 100% legal.  We only accept full-clients who are highly qualified, of the highest integrity, and deserving of in-state status.
Is it ethical?

If you’re working with In-State Angels, then absolutely because we only accept full-clients who are highly qualified, of the highest integrity, and deserving of in-state status.  We take great pains to determine the degree to which students and parents we consult are good candidates to for in-state status.  If you aren’t, then we’ll tell you so and we won’t take you on as a full-client.  If you are a good candidate, In-State Angels then only takes on a handful of the most highly qualified at each university as full-clients.

It’s important to understand that in-state status is not for everyone.  Not everyone deserves it; in fact, few people do.  You do not deserve in-state status simply because you want it (everybody wants it).  In-state status is exclusively for bona-fide in-state residents complying with all domiciliary and financial requirements (as defined by individual states and universities).  Even doing the right things before and during your domicile period isn’t enough on its own though…you also need to prove it compellingly with hard evidence and must be prepared to continue proving it in years thereafter.

Working with In-State Angels is a sure-fire way to determine whether you really deserve in-state  and if you do: earn in-state efficiently, reliably, and legitimately.  Being able to rest assured that you get in-state tuition in the fastest way legally possible without any anxiety or uncertainty…we think that’s worth a lot so consider starting with an assessment to become a full-client.

How long does it take?
Depends on your situation. The quickest and easiest way to get a definitive answer pertaining to your unique situation is to explore our free resources and/or purchase solutions we offer.  Your in-state qualifying term could be as early as next term or as late as a year from next term but this depends entirely on your circumstances. The domicile period is different depending on the state and university.  The process isn’t over once you’ve qualified for in-state tuition; commonly, you must prove that you still qualify the subsequent year as well (and are indefinitely liable for demonstrating continued eligibility at the college’s determination so long as you’re in school although this is more rare). Don’t wait until it’s too late; check out our solutions.
How do I get started?

Ultimately, the first step is to determine whether you’re a good candidate for in-state or not.  Please leverage our free resources and/or paid solutions to figure that out.  There are a lot of variables at play and to prevent the quest for in-state from becoming completely overwhelming, we’ve created some pretty stellar solutions to make your life easy.

For efficiency’s sake, you could buy a customized report.  That would take you about 10 minutes to tell ISA about your situation (via a simple form), then ISA would analyze your unique situation and tell you where you stand/what your next step should be.

Alternatively, you may be the type who wants to talk it through.  Get consulting if that’s the case—we’d suggest starting with a 30 min session.  Usually we can cover a lot of ground quickly and this allows you to not have to think about anything until you talk to us.  You would be free to just compartmentalize all thoughts of in-state to the periods when you’re actually talking to us if you like.

Maybe you want to know the deal at a particular university so you can take time to mull it over but don’t want to spend a bunch of time and energy sorting through and trying to make sense of what info you can find.  We have university-specific standard reports that make your life easy by telling you everything important you need to know and nothing you don’t.

Maybe you want to explore just having ISA manage the whole process of in-state from beginning to end.  OK, great.  First step we’d suggest is a full-client assessment and we’ll go from there.

Can I still accept money from my parents?
Depends. Every state and every university has different requirements so this may or may not be relevant to you. If you have been relying on your parents for support and can’t imagine being on your own, we’ve got you covered. If your situation requires you to not take money from your parents, we will help direct you toward a variety of in-state-tuition-safe options such as financial aid, student loans, private loans, grants, scholarships; we may also recommend you get job or paid internship. Whatever it takes is what we want to do  for you because we know there’s no worse decision than resigning oneself to paying out-of-state tuition for the illusion of convenience.  Check out solutions.
Could I not just do this myself?

If you want to do everything in your power to assure that you’ll absolutely get in-state tuition in the fastest simplest way possible, then there is no substitute for In-State Angels. We can provide exactly as little or as much help as you wish with a host of solutions that saves you time, energy, uncertainty, and money.  The process for getting in-state tuition is commonly designed to discourage you from attempting and the rules and each university’s unique interpretations of those rules are constantly changing and/or subject to change without notice.  There are so many lurking pitfalls and ways to expose yourself to unnecessary liability.

For example, the possible consequences of an application containing falsehoods (intended or unintended) are dire and include criminal charges, retroactive reclassification of residency, and university disciplinary actions that may include expulsion or rescission of your degree. There’s more gray area than you know and we are experts at navigating that gray area so much so that we guarantee to get you in state tuition in the fastest way legally possible or you pay us nothing.

Consider whether your chances are better or worse with experts on your side.  If we can get you in-state tuition even a semester faster than you could get it for yourself, then we’ve more than paid for ourselves…and by the way we’ve done all the hard work and removed all the anxiety from the process.  Plus you’ll have gotten in-state tuition in a way that’s 100% beyond reproach such that even in the event forensic accountants come after you, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

My parents pay for my tuition, why should I care?
Ask your parents why you should care. We can get you qualified for in-state tuition but by continuing to pay out-of-state tuition, you are potentially squandering your parents’ hard-earned money. Even if your parents are billionaires, I assure you they do not appreciate it. You have an opportunity to show your parents that you’re financially responsible by taking the initiative to get in-state tuition and we’re here to guarantee you get it and we’re here to help make sure you have plenty of money to pay for your education and living expenses. You have an opportunity to safeguard your parents from throwing away more money than most college grads make in their first years (plural) of working; think about that and check out our solutions.
Is In-State Angels the only business to help students get in-state tuition?
In-State Angels, which is the trade name for In-Stated LLC, is not affiliated with any other businesses that may exist who help students get in-state tuition. In-Stated LLC was formed in Colorado February 2011 with the original trade name Tuition Angels but has since withdrawn that trade name (as of Dec 2011) in favor of its current trade name: In-State Angels. To see the Colorado Secretary of State’s record for In-Stated LLC, you may visit Colorado Secretary of State Website.
I am still on the fence, not sure if it is worth getting in-state tuition?
If you’re planning on “thinking about it” for a term or two, don’t. Every semester or term that you wait is up to another $10,000 or so down the drain; you can’t afford the luxury of “thinking about it” for any longer! Hire In-State Angels now (in as small or large of a capacity as you like) and after we get you qualified for in-state tuition you can spend some time deciding whether you’d prefer to pay $5,000 or $15,000 each term for the same education.  In-State Angels’ solutions are available at your finger-tips now to ensure convenience, legitimacy, and certainty for the in-state process.