Not Accepting New Clients, Sorry!

Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new clients.  100% of our focus is dedicated to taking care of our existing clients and we are unable to help new candidates explore or earn in-state residency.

As a Consolation…This Knowledge

In an effort to help and not leave you completely hanging, we have painstakingly researched and battle-tested the most important must-know info about in-state for your (hopefully) educational benefit.

In-State 101

How to get in-state tuition.

Crash Course

State by State

Handy interactive map of instate difficulty by state.

State Rules

Expert Articles

Understand the beast you’re trying to slay one article at a time.

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As Further Consolation…These Limited Products

We have created in-depth cheat sheets for ONLY the below listed popular universities.  These are powerful no-non-sense and to-the-point reports that are much more detailed and comprehensive than anything you will find on our website (or anywhere else we know of for that matter).  The goal of that University Report is to 1) quickly and assuredly tell you whether you’re a good candidate to get in-state tuition at a particular university and 2) relay the non-negotiable reality you must understand to be successful and avoid hidden pitfalls (and how to not waste your time).  This is the only advisory product/service that we are able to offer at this time.

Reports available for these universities only:

AL – Auburn University-Auburn
AL – University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
AR – University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
CA – University of California-Berkeley
CA – University of California-Los Angeles
CO – Colorado School of Mines-Golden
CO – Colorado State University-Fort Collins
CO – University of Colorado-Boulder
CT – University of Connecticut-Storrs
FL – Florida Atlantic University-Boca Raton
FL – Florida State University-Tallahassee
FL – University of Florida-Gainesville
GA – Georgia Institute of Technology-Atlanta
GA – Kennesaw State University-Kennesaw
GA – University of Georgia-Athens
HI – University of Hawaii-Manoa
IN – Indiana University-Bloomington
IA – Iowa State University-Ames
IA – University of Iowa-Iowa City
KY – University of Kentucky-Lexington
LA – Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge
MD – University of Maryland-College Park
MI – Michigan State University-East Lansing
MI – University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
MS – University of Mississippi-Oxford
NY – SUNY at Binghamton-Binghamton
NC – University of North Carolina-Charlotte
NC – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
NC – University of North Carolina-Wilmington
OK – University of Oklahoma-Norman
OR – Oregon State University-Corvallis
OR – University of Oregon-Eugene
SC – Clemson University-Clemson
SC – University of South Carolina-Columbia
TX – University of Texas-Austin
UT – University of Utah-Salt Lake City
VA – College of William and Mary-Williamsburg
VA – James Madison University-Harrisonburg
VA – University of Virginia-Charlottesville
VA – Virginia Poly-Tech-Blacksburg
WA – University of Washington-Bothell
WA – University of Washington-Seattle
WV – West Virginia State University-Institute
WV – West Virginia University-Morgantown
WI – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Note: we are sorry if your university is not listed.  We are unable to provide reports for any other universities than those listed above.