Kind words from full-clients ISA helped earn and keep in-state residency status.

In-State Angels Reviews

An opportunity to review ISA is provided after every scheduled call.   It is important to ISA to show all reviews including any that might be negative in an effort be held accountable and to constantly improve our services.

Thank you soooooooo much for your help with Meredith! You are worth EVERY penny of your fee.

Carroll J.

Father of Client

A strategic plan well thought out and with great execution.

Kaye B.

Mother of Client

My goodness words cannot even describe how amazing you are…Thanks again so much for everything. Woo hoo!

Jenna C.

Student Client

Thank you so much for all of your help!! I just found out a few days ago that I am getting in state this semester! You guys really are angels!

Kristen D.

Student Client

Thanks so much Kristy! It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been a great resource throughout the whole process.

Mickey C.

Student Client

You folks have continued to work tirelessly on his (our) behalf and we cannot thank you enough!

Terry T.

Mother of Client

Thanks for all your hard work….and the work of your whole group. You are all a great pleasure to work with and have been so very helpful to Gabe in the process.

Eric S.

Father of Client

Thanks for the good information!…We appreciate your guidance through this process.

Caroline L.

Mother of Client

I admire your innovation, ambition, smarts, and willingness to do what it takes to move forward. Even if we do not go with your plan, I would still recommend that others consider your company.

Vicki M.

Mother Who Didn't Hire ISA

We truly appreciate all the time, effort and guidance that you all gave us to get her to this point. Thanks to ALL of you!!!

Hope L.

Mother of Client

Again thank you for all your assistance not only with this but with everything else as well. And of course, also thank you for being so polite and professional.

Lourdes D.

Mother of Client

Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU Obviously, I can’t thank you enough! I know Daniel’s got another year ahead, but the reality is he called me a couple weeks ago and said he’s very proud to be on his own and not taking financial support from me, so I cannot thank you enough!

Kathy C.

Mother of Client

You have made my day!

Mandy B.

Mother of Client

From David and me a huge THANK YOU for your help in making this a realiy for Sara. She’s in love with CU and Colorado and helping in this way has made it possible for her to remain.

Joni & David C.

Parents of Client

We knew that Alex’s growth curve would extend outside the classroom We never anticipated the growth that she has experienced during this process. Not only has she saved a lot of money, she has learned some very valuable life skills that will stay with her forever. Thank you so much for your council. This has truly been a great experience and a great esteem builder for our daughter.

Rob & Kim C.

Parents of Client

High School Student Consultation

Maria L says: Our phone consultation with Jake was very informative and helpful. I am the parent of a high school senior. My daughter and I now has a complete understanding of the commitment necessary if she wants to attend the out of state college of her choice. –7/29/2014–


Getting In-State

Cory A says: I have been working with this company for about a year and as usual, every single call is a pleasure. They know they stuff, they can give you answers to any tough question in a timely manner, and are genuine with all of their answers. Great service. –5/30/2014–


Limited Value

Dan O says: My wife and son met Jake in person for a paid consultation and found the meeting a bit frustrating. His first question was “what can I tell you?”. Our expectation from the website was that Jake was going to tell us everything we needed to know and take the mystery out of the process. Instead my wife felt she needed to know what to ask and left worried that she missed an important question. If this is indicative of the InState process I’m not sure of the value they provide.  –8/25/2014–


Phone Interview

Anthony B says: Great company. The guy I talked to was straight forward and did not push too hard. He was honest and was clearly out to help me and not just make a profit off of me. I was skeptical at first but am now referring my friends to this company. –4/23/2014–


Great interview

Samuel E says: went very smoothly and gave me a good idea of what the program is all about. very excited for the chance to get involved. –4/11/14–


Phone Interview

Ariel S says: My interview went really smoothly. Heather was very informative and everything happened right as scheduled. Heather made sure I understand what she was explaining and gave room for me to ask any questions I might have had. –4/11/14–


Not impressed

Kristi E says: My interviewer did not know we had an appointment, did not have our application ready and was disorganized. Her initial suggestion after about 10 minutes of rambling was to go to the website, fill out the form, and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind, we were on our scheduled call after I had already done all of that! Complete waste of my time. –3/13/2014–


Austin Nevada

Austin C says: Very helpful and informative conversation. Thoughtful interviewer. –2/13/2014–


Knowledgeable and Determined

Jamie B says: I have been seeing Jake, Kristy and Jessica for about 2 years now, and have been very impressed with the professional and comfortable atmosphere presented by all three. They make the process for instate tuition so simple! –9/21/2013–


What a relief!

Jamie S says: The phone interview was very informative and efficient. Kristy was patient and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I know this is only the start of the process, but I’m really looking forward to working with ISA. –7/18/2013–


Pleasant and informative

Parker B says: Rebekah was terrific! She provided information in a clear and focused way. She answered all of my questions and was very pleasant. Super helpful!! –6/21/2013–


Phone Interview

Jenni P says: Very informational and good advocate. The interviewer sounded legitimately interested in helping me achieve my money saving goals and finding me the best ways to do that. He was good about working with me and trying to present me with my options. He was also great about asking me if I would like to involve my parents during the various stages and the contacts they would be involved in. My one complaint is I really struggled to hear/understand what he was saying because of all of the background noise, especially other client calls going on. It is not only a functionality concern, but also a concern with security. I could clearly hear the discussions of other interviewers from their side. –7/31/2012–


Initial review feedback

Louis L says: My call last night with Renata was extremely helpful. She was forthcoming on the process of in-state tuition designation and on some of the tangential issues such as how it may impact out-of-state grants, gap year opportunities, etc. We look forward to speaking with her again and, assuming we all agree, pursuing our application. As for information security, I echo Jenni P’s comments about privacy. I suggest that these calls should not be conducted in a public place with background noise and/or the potential for overhearing private information. Thanks! –7/16/2014–


Worth every penny

Gail L says: My daughter and I had a phone consultation with Jake. He was extremely sensitive to her feelings, very knowledgeable, and really gave us a good overview of what our options are. I would recommend this company without reservation. –7/12/2014–



Marne P says: I spoke with Ann, who was extremely pleasant and helpful. It had a been a very long time since I had spoken with someone in “service” who was so helpful, polite and educated. She had suggestions for how to get some of my outstanding tasks done quickly and without delay. It was a very good experience and conversation and will speed our process along greatly! –6/6/2014–


Phone Interview

Dan S says: I spoke yesterday with Chris Vann. Very, very knowledgable on the vagaries of applying for in-state residency. He was able to answer all questions, and provided good information. He was also able to provide information on not just the college/state in question, but was also able to give some initial information about another college/state that a sibling attends. This is a very good service you offer. –5/16/2014–


Phone Interview

Teuila F says: The information was very helpful and insightful. The interviewer did an excellent job in explaining the program, answering any questions that I had, confirming whether I understood what was explained and very genuine in listening to my concerns. –4/12/2014–


Great interview

Samuel E says: went very smoothly and gave me a good idea of what the program is all about. very excited for the chance to get involved. –4/11/14–


Good intro

Scott K says: My interviewer was a tad bit late, but helpful in educating us on the basics of the program. It seems to fill a small niche, but helpful to provide a service for a niche regardless. –3/24/2014–


Phone interview

Ken H says: Rebekha was great – she went above & beyond my expectations in terms of answering questions and doing research to figure out our situation. I wish I’d known earlier though about the importance of timing, that it takes a year to make this happen, and that specific dates are quite important. It would be helpful to have some of this information on the web site so that potential clients don’t miss a key deadline. –2/27/2014–


Phone questions

John H says: I was getting an update on the latest CU residency drama with Jake. He was very helpful and we know we need to persist. Establishing a phone appointment time is great and very convenient. –1/20/2014–


First Impression? Impressed!

Mike C says: Had my first phone interview yesterday with Rebekah. It was a great experience — Rebekah is very professional and knowledgeable — she provided excellent information, answered all of my questions, and I never felt as though I was being pushed for a ‘sale’. I look forward to the help that we will be getting from Rebekah and ISA, and I especially appreciate the support and guidance that they will be giving my daughter. –9/12/2013–


Phone Interview

Brandon R says: I had a phone interview with Rebekah and she was awesome! She explained how everything worked in an easy to understand way. She also answered every single question I had! –7/10/2013–


Straightforward, Helpful

Russ R says: My interviewer were likably persistent in following up when a conflict prevented me from taking the call. She was cordial, direct, and gracious, answering questions without weasel words or trying to slant her advice. –6/12/2013–