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Rules and regulations for in-state residency vary by university, and so do the costs and benefits of earning residency status. Following you will find a synopsis of the major in-state requirements and a cost comparison overview of the tuition variance for the flagship institution of the University of Texas system, the University of Texas at Austin.

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University of Texas Tuition Overview:

$34,860 out-of-state tuition $9,816 in-state tuition $25,044 tuition savings/year

U of TX Total Cost of Attendance:

Includes average estimates for off-campus room and board, books and supplies. $46,454 out-of-state residents $21,410 in-state residents $25,044 savings/year

University of Texas In-State Requirements:

Employment in the state of Texas is a significant factor for the granting of residency at this school.  Think your student job will help with that? Unfortunately student jobs do not count toward proof of TX employment.  Along with the weekly hours and/or income requirements met via working in Texas, you must also provide evidence that you are in fact a legal Texas resident, and no longer have ties to any other state outside of your new home state of Texas.  Not only that but be prepared to remain in Texas with limited absences during your domicile.  Lastly, at UT a second and less-intrusive petition is required a year following the initial granting of Texas residency. In general, a good candidate for in-state tuition here is a person who:

  • has the present intentions of remaining a Texas resident
  • can sever all ties to other states
  • is able to remain in Texas throughout the one-year domicile period with limited absences (including limited absences during academic breaks)
  • can be gainfully employed and meet the school’s minimum income/weekly hours requirement

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University of Texas Out-of-State Tuition vs. In-State Tuition:

An annual tuition difference of $25,044 is quite significant. It is this substantial difference in tuition that solidifies the University of Texas at Austin as being among the ranks of those colleges in the country with the largest difference between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition.

University of Texas Financial Aid:

A couple things you need to know about financial aid as it relates to earning in-state residency at UT-Austin:

  1. Any financial aid including grants and scholarships that require your being a tax dependent of somebody OR require you to be an out-of-state resident will in general disqualify you from establishing residency.  This means that by accepting such awards, you will be getting no closer to in-state tuition.
  2. Your financial aid is re-assessed after earning in-state status and your Expected Family Contribution will be taken into consideration in light of the reduced tuition you will owe.

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University of Texas Grants:

In addition to standard federal grants (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant), Texas residents with significant financial need are eligible for a Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG).

University of Texas Scholarships:

Presidential Achievement Scholarship

Residents of Texas are eligible for this scholarship.  Recipients of this scholarship have demonstrated exceptional academic abilities as well as financial need. This award can offer up to $10,000 per year, renewable for up to four years. There is no supplemental application for this scholarship.

Top 10% Scholarship

Incoming Texas freshmen who rank in the top 10% of their high school graduation class and can demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship.  Award amounts are set annually by the state and vary. For more information about University of Texas scholarship opportunities, click here.

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$34,860 out-of-state tuition/year

$9,816 in-state tuition/year

$25,044 potential savings/year

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