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In-state residency regulations vary by university; so do the costs and benefits of earning in-state status.  Below, you will find an overview of the major in-state requirements for University of Montana, an exact accounting of what’s at stake, as well as a consideration of in-state residency’s influence on financial aid including popular University of Montana grants and scholarships.

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University of Montana Tuition Overview:

$23,127 out-of-state tuition

$6,350 in-state tuition

$16,777 tuition savings/year


University of Montana Total Cost of Attendance:

$35,715 out-of-state residents (they assume more transportation expenses for non-residents)

$18,235 in-state residents

$17,480 savings/year


University of Montana In-State Requirements:

Montana universities are all pretty similar on the big stuff when it comes to proving in-state status.  University of Montana is pretty similar to Montana State University in its interpretation and implementation of state rules, with some subtle differences.  Those subtleties are better explored in a standard report and are somewhat outside the scope of this overview.

The big stuff is what we’re concerned with here.  Here’s the stuff you need to know about before going any further in your exploration of in-state for University of Montana.

A good candidate for in-state tuition here is someone who:

  • firmly wants to plant their flag in Montana
  • can sever all ties to other states
  • can remain in Montana throughout the year with limited absences (including very limited absences during academic breaks)
  • is able to or willing to go to school part-time maximum during one-year domicile period and therefore also forego dorms during this time
  • is able to work in Montana and earn enough to prove financial independence
  • is self-reliant and planning to finance at least part of their own education
  • is open to possibly getting student loans as needed


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University of Montana Out-of-State Tuition vs. In-State Tuition:

An annual tuition difference of $16,777 is substantial.  that’s worth nearly three years of in-state tuition!


University of Montana Financial Aid:

A couple things you need to know about financial aid as it relates to earning in-state residency at University of Montana:

1) Any financial aid including grants and scholarships that requires your being a tax dependent of somebody OR requires you to be an out-of-state resident will in general disqualify you from establishing residency.  This means that by accepting such awards, you will be getting no closer to in-state tuition.  There are some exceptions to this whereby certain awards you can accept during your domicile period but will automatically surrender upon earning in-state status.

2) Your financial aid is re-assessed after earning in-state status and your Expected Family Contribution will be taken into consideration in light of the vastly reduced tuition you will owe.

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University of Montana Grants:

In addition to standard federal grants (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant), Montana residents are considered for the Baker Grant and the Montana Higher Education Grant.  These grants are strictly need-based, and awards range from $250 to $1,000 per year.

University of Montana Scholarships:

Montana Resident Entering Student Scholarship Program

Incoming resident freshmen can qualify for this scholarship if they meet the minimum requirements of 2.3 GPA and test scores of 1190 SAT or 15 ACT. If a student’s test scores fall below this, they can still qualify only if their GPA is 3.7 or higher. Award ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 per year and is renewable. All applicants are automatically considered for this award.

Non-resident Entering Student Scholarship Program

Incoming out-of-state freshmen are automatically considered for this program.  Awards range from $4,000 to $10,000 per year based on GPA and test scores.  Minimum test scores of 1530 SAT or 21 ACT require a 2.0+ GPA.  Lower test scores require a 3.0+ GPA.  These awards are renewable for four years.

Presidential Leadership Scholarship

This highly competitive scholarship is given to students with exceptional academic records. Requirements include a 3.5 GPA and test scores of 27 ACT or 1800 SAT. The scholarship is offered in two levels annually:   Silver ($9,400) and Gold ($11,900). Students must apply with a supplemental application through the Honors College.

Click here to check out UM’s scholarship webpage.

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$23,127 out-of-state tuition/year

$6,350 in-state tuition/year

$16,777 potential savings/year

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