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In-state residency regulations vary by university; so do the costs and benefits of earning in-state status.  Below, you will find an overview of the major in-state requirements for University of Mississippi, an exact accounting of what’s at stake, as well as a consideration of in-state residency’s influence on financial aid including popular University of Mississippi grants and scholarships.

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University of Mississippi Tuition Overview:

$19,044 out-of-state tuition

$6,996 in-state tuition

$12,048 tuition savings/year


University of Mississippi Total Cost of Attendance:

$34,752 out-of-state residents

$22,704 in-state residents

$12,048 savings/year


University of Mississippi In-State Requirements:

University of Mississippi is tough and also simple.  In one way it’s really nice because there’s this clean definitiveness to some of its rules which is great, but in another way terrible.  Black-and-white crystal clear let it be known: If you are under 21 years old (you know like most undergrads everywhere) then don’t waste your time!  You cannot begin your one year domicile period until you are 21-years-old.  That means you won’t benefit from in-state tuition until you’re at least 22-years-old.  Illegal travesty of justice discriminating against US citizens who should have the right of free unadulterated interstate travel…yes…and also is that way it is.  Feel free to do battle with the legal monolith constituting the Mississippi legal system—the original Codes regulating Mississippi in-state residency were inked in 1972 and look about the same now.  I don’t how they can get away with effectively forbidding basically all undergrads from achieving in-state status.

Anyway, if you are 21 by now…don’t think it’s a just a simple formality.  Earning in-state still requires a host of actions and proof items with supporting documentation demonstrating your domicile firmly in Mississippi and nowhere else.


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University of Mississippi Out-of-State Tuition vs. In-State Tuition:

An annual tuition difference of $12,048 is substantial, that’s worth nearly two years of in-state tuition!


University of Mississippi Financial Aid:

A couple things you need to know about financial aid as it relates to earning in-state residency at University of Mississippi:

1) Any financial aid including grants and scholarships that requires your being a tax dependent of somebody OR requires you to be an out-of-state resident will in general disqualify you from establishing residency.  This means that by accepting such awards, you will be getting no closer to in-state tuition.  There are some exceptions to this whereby certain awards you can accept during your domicile period but will automatically surrender upon earning in-state status.

2) Your financial aid is re-assessed after earning in-state status and your Expected Family Contribution will be taken into consideration in light of the vastly reduced tuition you will owe.

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University of Mississippi Grants:

Grants are the most desirable form of financial aid because they do not need to be repaid.  In addition to standard federal grants (Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant), Mississippi residents may be offered the Ole Miss Opportunity (OMO) Program, which covers base tuition plus a housing/meal allowance for four years. Other university grants are smaller and are granted to residents of specific counties.

University of Mississippi Scholarships:

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Incoming freshmen with a minimum 3.0 high school GPA are automatically considered for this scholarship.  There are ten tiers of award amounts, ranging from $1,000 to $6,996 per school year, based on GPA and ACT/SAT scores.  Base award tiers are identical for Mississippi residents and nonresidents, however, nonresidents are granted an additional award to offset out of state fees (ranging from $2,000 to $12,048 per year). This scholarship can be renewed for up to eight semesters.

Competitive Academic Scholarships:

The University of Mississippi offers many merit based competitive scholarships that require a supplemental application in order to be eligible. Several scholarships offer upwards of $25,000 and are offered to incoming freshman who have shown exceptional academic merit and leadership skills.

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In-State Angels provides an in-depth assessment of your unique situation, personal recommendations on how to get in-state tuition, and an outline of everything important you need to know about earning in-state status at Ole Miss.

$19,044 out-of-state tuition/year

$6,996 in-state tuition/year

$12,048 potential savings/year

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