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Rules and regulations for in-state residency vary by university, and so do the costs and benefits of earning residency status. Following you will find a synopsis of the major in-state requirements and a cost comparison overview of the tuition variance for the University of Florida.

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University of Florida Tuition Overview:

$28,588 out-of-state tuition

$6,310 in-state tuition

$22,278 tuition savings/year


UF Total Cost of Attendance:

Includes average estimates for room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

$41,568 out-of-state residents

$19,290 in-state residents

$22,278 savings/year


University of Florida In-State Requirements:

The University of Florida requires what many colleges do, and that is to showcase proof that you truly are a new Florida resident and that you moved to the state for more than just school. For example, did you get your Florida driver’s license, are you registered to vote in Florida, etc.  One important thing to note is that on-campus and/or living in a dorm does not count toward the required proof of in-state residence during the domicile period; however, this university does not have an on-campus housing requirement for freshman. Additional to domiciliary requirements, you will want to be employed in Florida at least minimally, and expect to pay at least half your way when it comes to all your expenses, and be able to prove it.

In general, a good candidate for in-state tuition here is a person who:

  • can sever all ties to other states and establish them in Florida
  • has the intention of being a permanent Florida resident
  • is willing and able to live off-campus
  • can work in Florida
  • is an adult who is significantly but not (necessarily) fully self-reliant financially


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University of Florida Out-of-State Tuition vs. In-State Tuition:

An annual tuition difference of $22,278 certainly does add up, and if you look at it in terms of a four-year college education, that amount comes to a total difference in tuition cost of almost $90,000! This places the University of Florida on a list of colleges that have the biggest difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition (and it’s not rivaled by many others in that arena).


University of Florida Financial Aid:

A few things you need to know about financial aid as it relates to earning in-state residency at UF:

  1. Any financial aid including grants and scholarships that require your being a tax dependent of somebody OR require you to be an out-of-state resident will in general disqualify you from establishing residency.  This means that by accepting such awards, you will be getting no closer to in-state tuition.
  2. Your financial aid is re-assessed after earning in-state status and your Expected Family Contribution will be taken into consideration in light of the reduced tuition you will owe.
  3. If looking at earning residency, then it is important to know that UF has specific criteria you must abide by when it comes to your usage of any FAFSA dollars—Do NOT use FAFSA money unless you know what those criteria are.

See article:  Do your FAFSA… You Will Thank Us Later.

University of Florida Grants:

Florida Student Assistance Grant

Florida residents that show financial need, have a minimum 2.0 GPA and meet other criteria are awarded amounts from $200 to $2,235 per academic year.  This grant is renewable.

Florida First Generation Matching Grant

First generation college students qualifying for the Florida Public Student Assistance Grant program may also receive a grant to cover any “unmet financial need” (defined as the cost of attendance minus Expected Family Contribution (from FAFSA) minus any other grants/scholarships the student is receiving.


University of Florida Scholarships:

Florida Bright Futures

This program reduces the cost of tuition for resident students that qualify as Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) or Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS).  Qualification for these awards includes graduation from a Florida high school, minimum GPA and ACT/SAT scores, and community service hours (although exceptions apply for certain academic achievement status such as National Merit Scholars or International Baccalaureate Diploma).  FAS requires a 3.50 weighted GPA, 29 ACT/1290 SAT, and 100 hours of service.  FMS requires 3.0 GPA, 26 ACT/1170 SAT, and 75 service hours.

Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarships

Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarships (MFOS) are need-based awards offered to Florida residents that are first-generation college students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  Recipients must participate in a peer mentorship program their first year and attend periodic workshops during their first two years.

Out of State Tuition Scholarships

Applicants are automatically considered for an Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship to offset the out-of-state tuition rates.  These merit-based scholarships are awarded in three tiers, reducing the out-of-state tuition rate by 30%-70%, depending on the tier.

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$6,310 in-state tuition/year

$22,278 potential savings/year

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