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Red Square Means In-State Tuition is Most Difficult Difficulty

How to get in-state at Universities in New Hampshire:

It’s hard to earn in-state status in New Hampshire relative to other states so it’s among others in the most-difficulty category.  The primary crux relates to the strict financial requirements which typically require a gap-year of no school and full-time employment in New Hampshire for the one-year domicile period.  That gap-year could be taken prior to freshman year or after.


New Hampshire Reciprocity Agreements:

New Hampshire is a member state of the Academic Common Market which is a limited regional reciprocity agreement among select Southern States. Favorable college tuition rates in nearby states are sometimes possible through reciprocity although many restrictions apply.

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University-Specific Overviews Below:

There aren’t many public universities in New Hampshire; although, it’s important to note each university does have its own policies, implementations, and interpretations of state laws.  Therefore, please see link below for available in-state overviews of colleges and universities in New Hampshire. If your college is not highlighted, then please consider buying a University-Specific Nutshell Report or see all available university-specific in-state overviews.


Popular Universities in New Hampshire:

University of New Hampshire-Durham


Other Universities in New Hampshire:

Granite State College-Concord
Keene State College-Keene
Plymouth State University-Plymouth

Every College in New Hampshire Is Unique

Just as every state has its own in-state regulations, each college in the state has its own interpretations. Learn everything important about how to actually earn in-state tuition at the university in New Hampshire you’re most interested in.

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