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How to get in-state at Universities in Louisiana:

The big crux at universities in Louisiana, is that you need to prove you are domiciled in Louisiana for purposes other than primarily going to school.  Proof of this in Louisiana though requires that you have a full-time job in Louisiana during your domicile year.  That’s a straight black-and-white, no way out, absolute requirement with no wiggle room.  What does that mean for school, can you go to school too?  Well, you can be in school on a part-time basis or theoretically even be in school on a full-time basis but working full-time and going to school full-time is quite a feat.  Full-time employment and part-time school is certainly very possible; however, it may be advisable to take a gap-year involving no school at all for your domicile year and full-time work instead.  The added benefit of the latter, is that you would totally avoid the cost of out-of-state tuition during your domicile period (wouldn’t have to pay out-of-state for part-time or full-time student status).  You may have never thought seriously (or at all) of a gap-year in which case you may from reading In-State Angels’ Top 6 Gap-Year Pros and Cons for Out-of-State College Hopefuls.

Certainly there are more details, intimacies, and nuances of the process and universities in Louisiana do each have their own independent interpretations of Louisiana state laws regarding residency.  But it’s safe to say that if you are unwilling or unable to be employed full-time during your domicile year, then don’t waste your time looking any further into the matter.  If you are open to that, then please see below links to available in-state overviews for universities in Louisiana.


Louisiana Reciprocity Agreements:

Louisiana is a member state of the Academic Common Market which is a limited regional reciprocity agreement among select Southern States. Favorable college tuition rates in nearby states are sometimes possible through reciprocity although many restrictions apply.

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University-Specific Overviews Below:

Since every university in the state has its own policies and implementations, please see below links to available in-state overviews for universities in Louisiana. If your college is not highlighted, then please consider buying a University-Specific Nutshell Report or see all available university-specific in-state overviews.


Popular Universities in Louisiana:

LSU-Baton Rouge



Other Universities in Louisiana:

Grambling State University-Grambling
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans
Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport
Louisiana Tech University-Ruston
LSU-Eunice Eunice
McNeese State University-Lake Charles
Nicholls State University-Thibodaux
Northwestern State University-Natchitoches
Southeastern Louisiana University-Hammond
Southern University-Baton Rouge
Southern University-New Orleans
Southern University-Shreveport
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
University of Louisiana-Monroe
University of New Orleans-New Orleans

Every College in Louisiana Is Unique

Just as every state has its own in-state regulations, each college in the state has its own interpretations. Learn everything important about how to actually earn in-state tuition at the university in Louisiana you’re most interested in.

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