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Actually earning in-state tuition is worth tens of thousands of dollars and is much easier said than done. Benefit from our intimate understanding of the in-state process as learned from years of experience helping students get in-state all over the country.

In-State Angels is standing by with guaranteed solutions to help you through every stage of the journey, from discovery to making in-state a reality.

Easy First Step

Tell us a bit about you. We’ll tell you what your next step should be.

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Stage 1: Discover

In-state, who cares? What’s possible?

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Stage 2: Assess

Am I a good candidate for in-state?
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Stage 3: Get It Done

Decide. Commit. Succeed.
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In-State Angels Boulder Contact Info Phone 303-495-7582 x1

Not sure where to start? We are happy to point you in the right direction, call us or contact us!

Stage 1  – Discover and explore the in-state possibilities

Do you realize what this means!? This is huge. New state hopefuls, listen up.

A little help please...

ISA makes it easy for you. Tell us a little about yourself.  We’ll tell you which solution (if any) is right for you.

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Open Your Mind

Why should I care about in-state tuition?

See how big of a deal it is. The option of earning in-state status is empowering; it’s a life-changer. It’s freedom. Imagine: you can go anywhere if you want it badly enough.

Where could I live and go to college?
What are the basics, what’s the gist?

Check out our In-State Crash Course for an overview.

Could this benefit me?

If you were truly free to go live anywhere and go to college, would it be in the state you grew up in?  If not, earning in-state elsewhere is for you.

Great for high school students and college transfer students. Start planning now to end up where you want to be.

Getting in-state is a great option for grad students too including med and vet students.

Discuss the Possibilities


Oh, the options!
$60/30 minute session
  • Unused time refunded (we can talk for 10 only minutes if you wish)
  • Where do you want to be? We can help you get there.
  • Talk about in-state in general, particular states, certain colleges, anything in-state related.
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Stage 2 – Am I a good candidate for in-state tuition?

Crucial question not to be taken for granted. Three routes to a definitive answer, pick your favorite.

Decide for Yourself

Standard Report

How to get in-state at your university
  • 10-12 page succinct report outlines everything important about earning in-state tuition at your chosen university.
  • You read it and decide for yourself whether pursuing in-state makes sense based on info you can count on.
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ISA Tells You What To Do

Premium Report

Standard Report + ISA Assessment
  • Everything you get in the standard report plus a lot more.
  • Based on your personal unique circumstances, we analyze your situation, weigh your strengths and weaknesses, and recommend a personalized  custom strategy.
  • Requires brief form (takes 5-10 min)
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It’s Complicated…Let’s Talk


Talk to an expert
$60/30 minute session
  • We refund you for any unused time (can talk for as little as 10 minutes if you desire).
  • Personal advice from an in-state expert to answer your questions, discuss your options, and move you forward.
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Stage 3 – I’m a good candidate, let’s do this!  I want in-state tuition and I want ISA’s help.

Excellent, we can help a little or a lot.

Pay ISA Hourly to Help

Put ISA on Retainer & We're In Your Corner
  • You’re in charge. You’re Batman, we’re your sidekick Robin. You shoulder the responsibility of getting in-state tuition and we are here to assist you.
  • We are here to consult by appointment as needed and at predetermined milestones.
  • We guarantee accurate information but we don’t guarantee your success by target semester (that’s too far out of our control with this option).
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Become ISA Full-Client

ISA Oversees Entire In-State Process & Guarantees Results
$499/then % of tuition savings each semester
  • We’re in charge. We’re Batman, you’re Robin. ISA shoulders the responsibility of getting you in-state status by target semester and guarantees success or you owe us nothing.
  • We only get paid if successful and then in proportion to how much we save you.
  • Upon success, we charge 10-15% of tuition savings (depending on the college) each term until you graduate.
  • For example, we charge 15% at CU-Boulder and 10% at USC-Columbia.
  • Per term net savings (after ISA’s fees) = $9,504 @ CU & $8,227 @ USC.
  • Available for handful of highly qualified candidates at each college.
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Which solution is right for me?

I want to learn about the in-state process...
Get a Standard Report and you will learn everything important you need to know about earning in-state residency at a particular university.  The Standard Report is for those who like to read and learn  in order to determine for yourself whether you’ve got what it takes.

If you would prefer to just be told the answers and are willing to fill out a form that takes about 10-15 minutes, then you should opt for the Customized Report.

If you’d rather just talk to somebody then Consulting is for you.  Any of these options are great first steps.

I want to find out if I'm a good candidate to earn in-state residency at a specific university...

We have 3 options to help you figure out the answer to this extremely important question:

1) A Standard Report is if you want to be provided info so you can decide for yourself

2) A Customized Report is if you want us to think for you; you give us your info, we tell you our assessment

3) Consulting is if you want to just talk to somebody and figure it out over the phone

I just want to talk to somebody about my situation...

Then Consulting is for you.  Talk to an expert and figure it out over the phone.

I'm not sure where I want in-state resident tuition...

If you don’t know where you want to be, then we can’t help you get there.  You may want to do some soul-searching: where would you like to live in America more than anywhere else?  If you want to discuss in-state tuition in general then you might benefit from Consulting.

I'm interested in multiple out-of-state universities...

That’s fantastic; we want to make in-state residency a factor of your ultimate decision where to live and attend college.

You can buy several Standard Reports  or Customized Reportsyou get a discount whenever you buy more than one report in an effort to make it affordable to explore multiple colleges.

Standard Reports are a bit more economical and provide you information you can’t get anywhere else packaged in an intuitive, succinct, and easy-to-digest format.  These reports are also great to refer to down the road if your college decision is a long way off.  Therefore they are well-suited for high school students and their parents, self-learners, and anyone who may want something on paper to reference in the future.

Customized Reports cost a bit more but you end up with a report tailored to your exact situation as it relates to each university you purchase.  In terms of time savings and figuring out definitively what your direction would be, you can’t beat a customized report.  You fill out a form one time (it takes 10-15 minutes) and we can use that information to make personalized reports for as many universities as you purchase.  These are well-suited for anyone who wants to take guesswork out of the equation and just skip to expert answers relevant to you.

I have some general questions about in-state tuition, can you answer them for free?

Sorry, no.  We are a for-profit business, we have answers and expertise you can’t find anywhere else and that’s worth something.  We charge for our availability.  Feel free to peruse our website or if it’s worthwhile, you might consider Consulting.  Our fees are minuscule compared to the tens of thousands at stake by earning in-state resident tuition.

I want you to take over to make sure I get in-state residency; tell me what to do...

We can definitely help first figure out whether you’re a good candidate, then see whether you meet our criteria for becoming a client.  Getting in-state isn’t for everyone; it depends entirely on your circumstances and the university in question.  Please note that we only accept a handful of highly qualified clients at each university to take on as full-client.  Highly recommended that you check out our Assessment to Become a Full-Client which is basically a discounted bundle of a Customized Report followed by an hour of Consulting.

Thank you soooooooo much for your help with Meredith! You are worth EVERY penny of your fee.

Carroll J.

Father of Client

High School Student Consultation

Maria L says: Our phone consultation with Jake was very informative and helpful. I am the parent of a high school senior. My daughter and I now have a complete understanding of the commitment necessary if she wants to attend the out of state college of her choice.


A strategic plan well thought out with great execution.

Kaye B.

Mother of Client